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Sara grew up mesmerized by every facet of style - hair, make up, and fashion. Some of her earliest memories are of watching the older girls in school and thinking she wanted that hair, that outfit, or that nail polish. As a teenager, she spent hours in front of the mirror trying to recreate styles she had seen in her favorite television shows and movies.Sara excels as a stylist because she is passionate about creating every beautiful haircut, perfect color, or flawless updo. Her passion is clear in the time she takes with each client. By asking questions and listening to what you have to say, she is able to tailor your service and create not just the perfect hair style, but the perfect hair style for you. She'll walk you through the reasons your new hair style works for you, giving you tips and tricks along the way, and you will leave the salon confident in your ability to recreate your style at home.


Price list

Shampoo & Style $45 & up

Women's Haircut $45 & up

Men's Haircut $35 & up

Tint Touchup $65 & upAll Over

Color $85 & upPartial Highlight $85 & up

Full Highlight $105 & up

Corrective Color Price 

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